Foz’s new mantra. 

Her back is to me. I watch in utter amazement as she is totally captivated. Her curious head is rested on the windowsill, and her eyes move frequently in bewilderment trying to keep up with the changing weather. Lightning strikes and a smile creeps to her lips.

Turning to me she says, “It’s gonna be a real bad storm.”

I nod in agreement, and pull her down to lay next to me. We’re snuggled unreasonably close, our eyes locked. We hold each other tightly and listen as rain begins to pitter-patter on the roof outside of the window. Her eyes shimmer softly and a rather becoming smile is spread elegantly across her lovely lips. The raw emotion between us is so present, so tangible that is has taken on its own existence entirely. And it’s effortlessly gorgeous and absolutely intoxicating.

A loud burst of thunder rumbles through the window. “Almost sounds like the end of the world,” I observe breaking our thoughtful moments of silence.

"I don’t want the world to end though," she whispers with a tinge of fear glazing over her eyes, "I’m not happy with what I’ve accomplished this far."

I smile. Tucking my face into the nape of her neck, I let out a breath of laughter. I look back up into her eyes, and pull her closer. In an attempt to console her fears I whisper into her lips, “The world can’t end yet. We still have a life to spend together, and the fates have worked much too hard to get us to this point. The world won’t end, not just yet.”

The shimmer quickly returns to her eyes and the fear instantly disappears, “There she is again, my soulmate.”

She smiles endlessly at the thought, and places a shy kiss on my lips. “I love you beyond words,” she whispers almost breathlessly from behind her smile.

"And I love you," I answer running a gentle hand across her chin while pulling her in closer for yet another breathtaking kiss. We lay like this for what seems like hours, and everything around is slips into a state of nonexistence. It’s just her and I, and this overwhelming emotion of the most beautifully unconventional love anyone has ever known.

— My will to Dream.

every single day all i see is another straight boy fuckin up